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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  April 6, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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we'll keep you posted with updates throughout the evening. i am tonight on "huckabee" the president says obamacare has reached a magic number. >> 7.1 million now signed up. >> do the president's numbers really add up? no amount of money that's going to bring my daughter back. >> gm under fire for putting the bottom line above driver safety. >> it goes beyond unacceptable. i believe this is criminal. >> tonight, the sister of one victim tells her story. plus, are wall street traders gaining an advantage over you by rigging the system? ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee.
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>> thank you. thank you, very much. and welcome to "huckabee" from the fox news studios in new york city. last week, we told you about the disturbing story of justina, the 15-year-old girl from connecticut who was taken from her family by the massachusetts department of children and family services, that's after a resident at boston children's general hospital determined that her diagnosis from a specialist at tufts children was incorrect. even though that doctor was not the doctor to whom they even referred justina. 14 months later, 14 months later justina was still in the custody of the people's republic of massachusetts and the family and their attorneys were unable to get basic answers as to why. well, after justina's father, lou, and attorney of the liberty
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council appeared on our show last night, your incredible response to their plight must have got someone's attention. the website set up, crashed because of the traffic it received this week. this week, after 14 months of stone walling, the state of massachusetts responded and clearly aren't too happy with me for calling them out. spokesman from massachusetts department of children and families asked me to correct three things. number one, that the state kidnapped the girl. number two, no evidence has been ever submitted to prove neglect. number three, the state enough conducted an investigation or spoke with the family. i'd love to correct all that. and i think when a government takes a child from a family for 14 months and fails to provide just reasons for doing so, then limits and restricts parents from seeing their own child, it is state sponsored kidnapping. while the state of massachusetts is claiming the odd
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contradiction that while it believes the family to be unfit to care for their daughter, they also stated that they believe it's best for justina to return to connecticut where she'll have the support of her family. massachusetts claims that it duct conduct an investigation, but assert they were never interviewed, nor was there an in-home visit made to determine their family environment. there are other statements made that attempted to link threats against dcf workers to those supporting justina. now, if there were any threats, let's be clear, that's deplorable. regrettable. that doesn't justify the experience justa has experienced. while i confess i'm only familiar with the family through the limited contact i've had with them on this show, as well as reading through the court documents of their case, i've known their attorney for a number of years and i've got complete confidence in his integrity and competence. when he tells me that he's never seen anything like her case in his legal career, i take that as
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a valid statement more than i do just statements dispersed by the state of massachusetts after 14 months of justina having been kept from her parents or her original doctors. i'm sure this case is far from over, even if justina is returned to connecticut and her family. one glaring truth remains. in america, parental rights ought to be protected unless there is incontrovertible facts to believe the child is in imminent danger. the burden of proof lies with the state to prove. that the child ought to be taken from her family and put under the care of the state. and if our bringing light to this case helps justina get the medical help she needs and deserves and then she's reunited with her family, let me be clear, i apologize for nothing. i hope the state of massachusetts will apologize to justina and her family.
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parents have enough on their hands without having to fight a bureaucracy in a state to take care of their own child. so joining me once again to ree react to statements we received from the state of massachusetts, justina's father, lou, and their attorney, president of the liberty council, matt staber. lou, matt, thank you both for coming back to be here. lou, i read through all the documents and everything in the state of massachusetts says they keep referring to neglect on the part of you and your family. and forms of abuse. have they ever specified exactly what neglect and abuse that you gave to your daughter? >> no neglect. no abuse. >> so they've never documented anything. matt, you're their attorney. have they ever spelled out to you -- in the quart of law, you have to provide the evidence to the opposition, tell them what
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they're being charged with. what have they been charged with specifically? >> they haven't given any information, neither has the judge according to the law put in statement of facts to justify dcs intervention. there has to be real evidence of abuse or neglect or imminent abuse or neglect and there's none of that here. what we have is a family that was treating with a physician whose chief of metabolics at the medical center an following that doctor's advice, and under that doctor's care, justina was going to private school, engaged in figure stating competitions. they took her to boston children's hospital e.r. that was 14 months ago. and as a result, they've lost custody of their daughter. >> lou, i want to make sure our audience kind of understands what happens. she was being treated by a doctor in connecticut who was treating her for a specific diagnosis. the doctor that was treating her along in concert with that doctor was a gastroenterologist. he moved to boston. so the doctor seeing her in connecticut was going to refer her to the doctor she had been seeing.
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i want to get this right. he'd moved to boston. so that's why she was going to boston. it wasn't that her care was somehow inadequate in connecticut. it was fine. it was coordinating with the doctor she'd had. when she got to boston, she did not see the doctor that she had been seeing which was the purpose for her going. she saw a doctor in the e.r. only seven months out of medical school. just out of his residency. he sees her and immediately in 25 minutes makes a different diagnosis altogether. is that what happened? >> close. first of all, all our doctors are actually at tufts medical center in boston. and the one doctor, the aforementioned stomach doctor went across town to boston children's hospital. same concept. she went to boston children's for one reason, one reason only. she did go by ambulance from connecticut. across state lines to boston. was meant to be a direct admission to the g.i. department to see her doctor. instead, she was taken without
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any notice and just brought up to the neurology floor. as far as i know, based on fbi involvement, that is kidnapping. >> yeah, governor huckabee, one of the people that she saw was a psychologist that this brand new doctor called in. in the 25-minute interview, reclassified this from mitochondral disease, up until the time she had flulike symptoms and gastro problems. that person reclassified this to it's all in your head in 25 minutes. this person also co-authored an article that said up to 50% of children that present with physical complaints, they're not physical at all, they're all in your head. she has a presupposition that 50% of children have nothing wrong with them, it's all in your mind. when they were presented with this brand new treatment plan, we're going to discontinue all of the medical. we're going to discontinue all
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of the medications. here's the new plan. and you can't seek a second opinion. when the family said, no thank you, we'll discharge our daughter, we'll go back across town. that's when they called in dcs. >> this show last week, as we talked about it, a lot of things started happening. we got comments from the governor's office, from the dcf. they apparently were unhappy with the presentation we allowed and matt to make last week. we invited them to come to the show. they declined. what now has happened? where are you now as of today? >> yesterday had our weekly one-hour visit with justina. >> one hour a week is all you get to see your own daughter? >> right. with the multiple dcf employees, again, in the room, with the massachusetts state police right there at the door. what happened -- what we found out was disgusting. we found out after the fact that justina went to go see her
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mitochondral doctor but not allowed to speak to us or give us updates as to what happens. number two, we weren't there in the appointment. the parent is going to ask the appropriate questions, what needs to be asked. number three, the most disturbing thing of this, who's in the room with justina? an employee from the wayside facility. not even a dcf person or anybody else. so there a thing called hipaa which we definitely believe was violated. >> we're going to continue this with our guests and we'll talk about what's going on with justina, with her father and lawyer, right after this. stay with us. the year's largest selection of lobster entrees, like lobster lover's dream. hurry in and sea food differently. go to red for ten dollars off with purchase of two lobsterfest entrees. ♪ ♪
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decreased sperm count, ankle, feet or body swelling, enlarged or painful breasts, problems breathing while sleeping and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, common side effects include skin redness headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron. [female announcer] we grow big celebrations,o. and personal victories. we grow new beginnings, and better endings. grand gestures, happier happy hours. so let's gro something greater with miracle-gro. what will you grow? welcome back. continuing our discussion on the justina case with justina's father, lou, and their attorney, president of the liberty council. we were talki ining about thing that happened in the past week.
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one of the things, let's clarify, massachusetts has said connecticut really doesn't want the case. they don't want it. connecticut has said, i've read their statements, that they disagree with boston, or with massachusetts' assessment. is that correct, lou? >> that is absolutely correct. number one, massachusetts had no jurisdiction in the first place. we're connecticut residents. we had been connecticut residents the past six months. that judge on february 15th, judge joseph johnston never should have taken the case in the first place. if there was any case at all, he should have passed it on to state of connecticut. state of connecticut has been to our house unlike the state of massachusetts and passed us with flying colors. >> they did not try to take justina way from you. which means they've been in your home and thought she was being neglected or abused, they would have tried to intervene. they did not take her from you. you were the custodial parents at the time she went to boston. >> that's correct. >> matt, you i think have a very
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interesting point to make and that is the fact they went back to the original doctor indicates they're now going back to that original diagnosis. >> exactly. 14 months ago at the direction of the doctor, she goes to boston. when they don't want to follow this brand new treatment plan, eliminate the medical and go psychological, they want to go back to the doctor at tuffs. they went into this experiment that it must be all medical. she's gone from figure skating competition to being in a wheelchair and her health is deteriorating. the family has wanted her to go back to dr. corson. he's been ready, willing, able to treat her. when we came on a month ago, we requested to go back to dr. corson. amazingly we found out in the last couple days without us knowing that they secretly took her to dr. corson and he's now treating her but he can't talk to the family. we found out about this through backdoor channels.
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now, the psychological route, that experiment has failed. obviously she's in very severe physical distress. they're now back to dr. corson, where we wanted to be 14 months ago. so that, alone, undercuts dcs' involvement in the case. if she's being overmedicalized by dr. corson because they're treating this for medical, and she needs to be psychologically treated, why are they taking her now back to dr. corson? what's happened is they're now fearful this whole psychological experiment is failing and she's in severe physical distress. >> this is just an amazing case to me. mtassachusetts appears to be wanting to wash their hands here and get her back into connecticut all of a sudden. if they do that, will you have custody of her, and if so, if you're neglectful, abusive parent, why would they possibly let you once again have care of your daughter? >> that's why the state of massachusetts is still playing hardball with this.
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very simply, the massachusetts dcf can just release her. stop this nonsense. end this torture that's been going on. it comes down to two people. one is the judge. everybody is afraid to override this judge, joseph johnston. the case was overwhelmingly in our favor against dcf, not once, but twice, despite the overwhelming evidence, the judge ruled in favor of dcf. mass dcf. number two, the governor of massachusetts who has the executive authority to override this judge and stop this torture that's been going on, you know, in the state of massachusetts with my daughter. he can very simply stop this. he just refuses to. >> matt, is there a reel rlegaly you can pursue and see happening to get justina back? >> within the next few days we're going to be pursuing several appellate court challenges to get it out of the judge's chambers. we're looking a the a number of civil rights violations in state
5:18 pm
and federal court. those are going two coo be comi. we're going to hold the individuals involved in this from boston children's hospital to dcf accountable. you don't have a system like this where boston children's calls in dcf because you won't follow their advice for psychological, and the person who's actually giving that psychological is getting a grant from the nih and as soon as they become a ward of the state, that person becomes a subject of research. there's all kinds of problems between what's happening at boston children's hospital and dcf and in the meantime we've got a family who've been torn apart with a 14-year-old rl, now 15-year-old, who has lost 14 months with her family. you cannot replace 14 months at a 14-year-old/15-year-old age cycle. >> let me say one thing as i close because the governor's office sort of indicated, well, governor huckabee surely will understand, him having been a governor, the difficulty that this state is in.
5:19 pm
let me tell you something. it's because i was a governor for 10 1/2 years that this case has lit me up. i would never have watched a family lose the custody of their daughter for this length of time without some very clear evidence. somebody in my agency would have been bringing me evidence. by golly, there would have been people unemployed in the state of arkansas. that's why i feel so strongly about what dcf has done in massachusetts. well, president obama spiked the ball to celebrate reaching his obamacare goal of 7 million last week. but should he be flagged for counting too many people who had their original plans canceled? we're going to throw the challenge flag. next. we'll see. we'll be right back. next. (dad) well, we've been thinking about it and we're just not sure. (agent) i understand. (dad) we've never sold a house before. (agent) i'll walk you guys through every step. (dad) so if we sell, do you think we can swing it? (agent) i have the numbers right here and based on the comps that i've found, the timing is perfect.
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on tuesday the president had a big pep rally at the white house. to boast about reaching the obamacare goal. >> last night, the first open enrollment period under this law came to an end. and despite several lost weeks out of the gate because of problems with the website, 7.1 million americans have now signed up for private insurance plans through these marketplaces. 7.1 million. >> but how many of those 7.1 million people were uninsured before obamacare took effect? forbes opinion editor, senior fellow at the manhattan institute for policy research avik roy joined me earlier to talk about it. avik, the president was pretty proud of the 7.1 million he touted as proof positive that obamacare is successful and popular. what's wrong with those numbers? >> well, he's right to say that the 7 .1 million isn't going to
5:24 pm
collapse under its own weight which is something a lot of people have been talks about. the law isn't going to collapse under its own weight. is it successful? that's a different question. what we know already from a lot of different data points is that the vast majority of people who are signing up on the exchanges are people who are previously insured. the whole point of the law was to make coverage available for people who are previously uninsured and it's not really doing that so well. >> you know, about a month ago, it was reported that only about 27% of the people who had signed up at that point had been previously uninsured. the rest were reinsurers. people who had lost their coverage and had to go on to an obamacare exchange to get recovered. are those numbers going to still hold up? are we looking at one in four? is it a little better than that? where are we on the real people who are for the first time getting insured? >> it could be actually worse than that because it's 27% or so or maybe it's a third who were
5:25 pm
previously uninsured who are selecting a marketplace plan, quote/unquote. but generally speaking, what the data we've seen is the vast majority of people who were previously insured have paid their first month's premium. the people who were previously uninsured haven't. and if you don't pay that first month's premium, you don't actually get coverage. you get sick, you have a medical bill and haven't paid that first month's premium, the insurer won't be there to pay it for you. so it remains to be seen whether or not a lot of those things who were previously uninsured will pay that premium and thereby get coverage. could be less than a quarter of people, could be an eighth who are actually covered who were previously uninsured. >> the president from the very beginning talked about, and those numbers fluctuated. 30 million uninsured. 40 million uninsured. that's what we're going to do, it's going it be universal coverage. i'm just asking myself, if the goal was to get 40 million people insured, and we're at 7 million, help me to understand
5:26 pm
where the joy is in all of this and spiking the ball and acting as if we've accomplished something significant. especially when so many of them had insurance before they started anyway? >> yeah, so, i mean, it's not so crazy to have 7 million signups in the first year because usually see with these programs, we saw it with medicare part "d," for example, the drug benefit from 2003, it does take a couple years for there to be full uptick of the perharogram. what's really danger here, so few of the uninsured are signing up, and secondly because so many older and sicker people are signing up that the plans next year are going to be even more expensive than they are this year. a manhattan institute study that we did suggested that the average state is seeing a 41% increase in the cost of their individually purchased premiums in 2014. if you talk to the insurers, they tell you it's going to be another 20% to 30% up next year. so the more that goes up, the more you do bear the risk of a death spiral, so-called, where
5:27 pm
the uninsured who don't qualify for subsidies don't sign up. >> avik, you've done great research and work on this. we really appreciate your being here to bring clarity to it. thanks for joining us today. >> hey, it's my pleasure. thanks for having me. wall street traders with an unfair advantage. my next guest blew the whistle on the whole game and it has everyone asking, is this stock market rigged? i'm going to ask what it all means for you and your money, next. ♪
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because those are sometimes on the same frequency. malaysia flight 370 disappeared march 8th. 239 people were onboard. russian activists seized three government buildings in eastern ukraine. the demonstrators want a referendum to join russia just like their region of crimea had. there have been frequent protests like this. eastern ukraine supported the former president who fled to russia. about half the region's residents are ethnic russians. i'm harris faulkner. now back to with the hu"huckabe" you may have heard the name this week. the former stock trader who noticed that some of the trades he was making weren't going through at the price that he was expecting. and some of those trades were coming at a higher price. he knew he was being front runned. but he didn't know how. after a lot of research, he discovered high frequency traders spent hundreds of millions to install high speed
5:32 pm
fiber cable and allowed their electronic trades to go through faster than everybody else's. here's how it was explained on "60 minutes." >> the first places orders were lands was the bats exchange across the river in weehawken, new jersey. high frequency traders were lying there in wait. >> oh my god. that's how i'm being front runned. i'm being front runned because my signals gets to the ek change first and beat me to all the other exchanges. >> it only took a tiny fraction of a second for brad's trade to reach the next exchanges on the network. but the high-speed traders were able to jump in front of him by, buy the same stock and drive the price up before his order arrived. producing a small profit of just one or two pennies. but it was happening to everyone's trades millions of times a day. >> brad's story is told in the new book "flash boys: a wall street revolt by michael lewis." please welcome brad. brad, this story has just blown up all over america.
5:33 pm
people are, i think, up in arms and concerned. is wall street rigged? that's the big question. i think the bigger question is, how does this effect just an ordinary investor? because there are some saying there's no big deal here, nothing to see, move along. doesn't really hurt that retired teacher in a mutual fund. true or not? >> to an extent it shouldn't scare people away from the stock market. it's tripled since the lows of the financial crisis. the best way to i guess explain it, because it's a very complicated problem, would be, you know, every time you use your credit card you're charged an extra 5 cents. over time, it adds up. and it's inconsequential with each purchase but just because it's small doesn't mean it's right. >> you know, brad, one of the things my good friend and colleague here at fox, charlie said, look, it doesn't really effect the typical investor because they still bought it at what they thought they were going to buy it at. here's my question. if there were billions and billions of dollars that were being made by somebody, that somebody was not the investor.
5:34 pm
it was the people who had access to this special technology. so it was money that might have been able to be distributed to all of the investors, not just to the handful who were front running the system. >> yeah, without question. you're right. it's zero sum. it does come out of someone's po pocket. you can't say we created this multibillion dollar sub industry that has nothing to do with investing and everyone's benefiting from it. there really is no reason for that to be there and i think what's happened is it's happened under the cover of technology. technology has made, you know, trading cheaper. you know, it's made trading faster. but, you know, it will probably cost you $20 a minute to call china decades ago. now you can skype for free. technology has improved wall street. people have always looked to game the system. this is no different. people are using computers and technology to game the system. and unfortunately, what's happened is that it's just become a larger and larger part of the market. >> you know, brad, one of the things i find interesting, you were unable to uncover this
5:35 pm
process being done. you're a private sector guy with limited resources. you able to figure this out. my question, the obvious one, where's the government? they have almost unlimited resources. they didn't figure this out. you did. >> right. >> why? >> i think, you know, it -- the government is in a position of reliance on the industry. the industry, itself, you need practitioners. at our company iex, we have people from big banks, exchanges, high frequency trading firms. to amass that knowledge would be very hard for someone like the s.e.c. to do it. the interesting thing, a lot of people focus on regulation. we've built our solution within the regulation. this kind of is the regulation has allowed what has happened to take place, but i think within that regulation, you can do something different. i ultimately think it's kind of a moral choice on what to do with information. you find something, try to use that to your advantage and exploit the system or try to correct it? >> you brought up an interesting point, brad, morals.
5:36 pm
there ought to be, even in business, a sense of morality and ethics applied to business so that, yes, business is there to make money, but it is to do it in the right way so that it's a fair exchange in the marketplace. thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. thank you. >> great to have you. general motors accused of endangering the lives of customers who bought their cars. they did that just to save a buck on some cheap parts. but it goes beyond the 13 victims of the class-action suit featured on capitol hill last week. more families say they lost loved ones because of defective parts. coming up, the story of a woman whose brother was killed while driving her car. in the nation, it's not always pretty. but add brand new belongings from nationwide insurance... ...and we'll replace destroyed or stolen items with brand-new versions. we take care of the heat, so you don't get burned.
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(agent) i understand. (dad) we've never sold a house before. (agent) i'll walk you guys through every step. (dad) so if we sell, do you think we can swing it? (agent) i have the numbers right here and based on the comps that i've found, the timing is perfect.
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...there's a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (dad) that's good to know. (mom) i'm so excited. test flush >> general motors barra testified before congress this week about a defect in some of their vehicles for over a decade. it's a defect that now has gm facing a class-action lawsuit from 13 families who lost a loved one due to the faulty part. >> we are the people left behino when a loved one got into what was supposed to be a safe car. a gm car. one a car that gm knew for years was dangerous and defective. >> that defect, which effected over 2.1 million gm vehicles caused ignition key of the car to suddenly switch to off cutting off the power steering and breaking as well as disabling safety features in the
5:41 pm
car such as airbags. as early as 2002, gm had approved the ignition switch design on the saturn ion despite being told it did not meet gm specifications. in march 2005, gm rejected a gm proposal to fix the problem.nd claiming it would be too costly and take too long. in the congressional hearings this week, it was revealed what gm considered too costly. >> documents provided by gm sho that this unacceptable cost increase was only 57 cents.on >> by 2009, gm declared bankruptcy and was bailed out by your u.s. taxpayer dollars. gm timely began recalling the defective vehicles in march of 2010 after all 13 victims associated with the class-action suit had already lost their lives. they continue to recall more vehicles due to the same defectd earlier this year. >> i agree, it took way too long
5:42 pm
for this to come to the attention and to do the recall. >> mary i barra, newly appointeg ceo of gm, apologized before congress. >> my sincere apologies to everyone who has been affected by this recall. especially the families and friends who lost their lives or were injured. >> the number of victims lost of this deadly effect may go beyond the 13 involved in the class inr action suit. goes alan roy floyd died in a 2009 accident after driving his sister, samantha, to the myrtle beach, south carolina, airport, in her 2005 chevrolet cobalt. alan was 26 years old at the time of the deadly crash. joining me now, alan's sister, samantha, and attorney to 2 the family, bill jordan. samantha is not presently part of that class action lawsuit. thank you both so much for bein here. i know it's hard to talk about itac.. but, samantha, when you heard the gm ceo this week at capitol
5:43 pm
hill say it cost 57 cents to repair that faulty part, how di that make you feel? >> disgusted. hurt. angry. there's -- i don't know how you can even justify something like that. >> youou felt a lot of just anguish and guilt, too, though you had nothing to do with it en just because the brother was inh your car. >> my car. yes.r, i -- there isn't really even any words to how much guilt you feel for something like that. >> i don't think anybody could say that you had anything to dou with it. you had taken your car in, had i an issue with it a couple weeks before your brother was killed. the gm dealer did something to m fix what was, you thought a steering column problem. what did they tell you then.prob >> they sailed it was just a pie in the steering column, it should be fine.nd that everything would be all right. >> two weeks later, uses wrr r
5:44 pm
your car, leaves you at the airport. later you find out on the way home from the airport having dropped you off, he's killed in the crash. how long after that before you thought something was wrong with that car rather than just the way he was driving? >> there were no brake marks. there was no reason for him to be on the other side of the roar and how he wrecked. it was just -- there were just inconsistentsies to it. >> bill, when you filed this wn original lawsuit back in 2012, on behalf of the family, had gm admitted anything about parts being faulty at this time? had they in any way taken responsibility for what was happening to vehicles like those owned by samantha?hose >> there had been some kind of recall that happened in 2010, and we were not sure if it in addressed the issue that we hadw wither samantha's car. with but in terms of coming forward
5:45 pm
and admitting that anything had been buwrong, seriously wrong, with these cars and they knew rc about it and had known about it for almost a decade, none of that had become public yet and,, of course, you know, ultimatelya theys stepped up and took the bailout and never disclosed that they, in fact, knew about this problem. >> i want to point out that in the original lawsuit, you sued on behalf of samantha and her family. to sue you.reatened i've got two different letters r here from law firms representing general motors. these two law firms, both of which said if you pursue the gea case, they're going to pursue action against you as an attorney and they're going to sue her and create all kinds ofd problems for her. cr so you ended up dropping the lawsuit because of that. >> i did. you know, there's a sort of a so other factor that fed into that. i had just -- once i filed the action, within a couple of
5:46 pm
months, i was hospitalized for almost a year. so the action was staged. other as soon as i got -- and that was a matter of public record because, of course, ordinarily you have court deadlines and things have to proceed.that. everybody knew that. the moment i'm back in the office after spending almost a year at duke, i get these letters here that say, you're violating an order of the bankruptcy court. which provided protection for o them because theofy washed out those assets and sold it to a new company. >> i'm goingem to make sure our viewers understand, because the accident happened prior to the bankruptcy, they're saying thate old gm doesn't exist, you can't sue us anymore, we're the new gm that the taxpayers now have gm bailed out. >> right. >> so basically they're getting away with not having any are responsibility for what happened to your brother because the rest of us as taxpayers had bailed them out and not just bailed them out of their bankruptcy but
5:47 pm
bailed them out of their baile responsibility to people liked you, samantha. >> yeah. > how do you deal with that? >> you hope that, you know, that people will know about it, you know, will -- the courts have got to do something. because it's like you don't -- i lost not only myr brother, my best friend. broth >> my heart goes out to you. i cannot imagine there's anybode in america whos does not feel outrage at what has happened foc 57 cents worth of a part. samantha, thank you. bill, thank you for being here. coming up, sam moore, the original soulman, is going to join the little rockers. he'll rock the house. we'll be right back. will join the little rockers. we'll be right back. why is our arizona-based company relocating manufacturing to upstate new york? i tell people it's for the climate. the conditions in new york state are great for business. new york is ranked #2 in the nation for new private sector job creation.
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sam moore is >> sam moore is legendary soul singer and a member of the rock and roll hall of fame. on friday april 4th he released a song since martin luther king jr. assassination. corn mu ♪ >> please welcome back to the show sam moore. great to have you back. >> thank you. >> you played many times with everybody. goes across the gamut. one of the things, this music you have done with the song about mortgage tin luther king i hope people will go to the web site and watch it. you know we are not going to let
5:52 pm
you come on here and not play one of the great hits you played with the rock and roll hall of fame. i figured first of all being able to play with you is a big thrill for me. we want to make sure we play one that everybody loves. we are going to play it. you got to do it, sam. this is my show. i am playing. it's that simple. >> you don't have to get mad. >> we have some of the little rockers playing today. lauren green is on the key boards, mark is on guitar and we have sam's singers and horns with us. we are excited to have you. let's play a little "hold on i'm coming." ♪
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
♪ ♪
5:55 pm
(applause) >> thank you sam moore. >> thank you. i'm tired. >> you can't be tired. we are just getting warmed up. >> be sure and get his records and be sure and listen to the magnificent song about dr. martin luther king. i will be back with closing thoughts right after this.
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thoughts right after this. if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. tragedy repeats itself and >> tragedy repeats itself and so does stupid. the fort hood texas a once again the site of a shooting. 16 wounded four dead. the shooter killed himself when a gun was pulled on p him. they said he had mental issues.
5:59 pm
i am going to repeat this comment and i quote, military base shootings could be halted for good with the stroke of obama's pen all he has to do is rescind bill clinton's 93 order banning military personnel from carrying side arms. that action turned it into gun free zones or as i call them sitting duck zones. why? is any one better trained to carry a weapon than the u.s. military. yet when they were under siege in fort hooder oh the navy yard they had to wait helplessly for the police to save them. banning military from carrying guns is as senseless azerbaijaning construction workers from carrying hammers. if you wonder who said that that was said by me on my daily radio commentary back in september 19th, 2013. the policy still stands.
6:00 pm
a lot more victims a longer stand. this is mick huckabee from new york. good night and god bless. stay tuned for "justice" with judge jeanine. >> tonight how can this be happening in america. citizens put in the cross hairs of their government by agents from the atf. >> they were looking for a way to scare us. >> homeland security at our back. >> environment tal courts threatening jail time. >> we are going to use everything in the book. >> ready for a fight. >> these people discovered what it is like when a powerful force you thought was on your side turns against you. >> i am speaking for thousands, maybe tens of thousands. maybe more. >> fox news report,


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